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Original Rough Riders

(there were over 1200 original Rough Riders...we periodically add info here as it is located or provided to us)

Private John Gano Winter

Arthur LeRoy Tuttle

John Gano Winter was born 7 Sep 1875 to Colonel John Gano Winter (CSA) and Ellen Lewis Jordan Winter. He enlisted in the 1st USV Cavalry in May 1898 in San Antonio, TX.  He was an expert horseman and was assigned to Troop F as a Private under Captain Luna. During the battle at Las Guasimas he fought alongside Trooper William Erwin (also of San Antonio) when Erwin was killed. Winter later recounted this incident to his father and remarked “I knew at last the meaning of the phrase ‘The Art of War’”. 

During the Battle for San Juan Hill on July 1st he suffered gunshot wounds in the shoulder, arm, and leg.  He was awarded the Purple Heart.  Winter also fell ill during the campaign. After the Spanish American War ended he was discharged when the Regiment was disbanded. 

He rejoined the Army and served in the Cavalry in WWI.  He eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel Winter died 1 Jul 1954 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Sec 10, Site 10548 WH.