The 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment "Rough Riders", Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of creating a perpetuating and living memorial to the unique accomplishments of President Theodore Roosevelt and the members of his famous volunteer cavalry regiment, known as the Rough Riders. The Rough Riders played an instrumental role in the Spanish-American War when they sailed with Colonel Roosevelt from Tampa, to liberate Cuba from Spain.

It is the intent of the members of the Rough Riders to keep the Rough Riders great moments in history alive. We do this by providing activities that educate people about history and keeping our Spanish-American War Monuments intact. The Tampa Bay Rough Riders also take pride in their never-ending work for local charities and children's groups.

One of the most noted Rough Rider charitable efforts would be our famous Teddy Bear Runs. The Teddy Bear was named in honor of President Roosevelt.

The Rough Riders also provide time and financial assistance to many through college scholarships, academic achievement awards, home restorations, improvements in surroundings for those in our community who are physically challenged, and the restoration work on many Rough Rider related monuments including those located on Egmont Key.

The Rough Riders also take part in cemetery re-dedications for fallen soldiers.

Rough Rider Office - 813-248-1898 - 601 N 19th St . - Tampa, FL 33605  Email:
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