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27° 57.032′ N, 82° 29.113′ W  

The historic marker is in Vila Brothers Park in Tampa, Florida, located at the northwest corner of the intersection of N. Armenia Ave. and W. Lemon St.   The Vila Brothers park is across Armenia Ave. from Hesterly National Guard Armory.


At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, this area was the campsite of the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment commanded by Colonel Leonard Wood (Medal of Honor recipient) and later Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt.
Known as the "Rough Riders," the more than 1000 officers and troopers were a diverse assortment of cowboys, ranchers, miners, lawmen, trappers, professional sportsmen, and socialites from 42 U.S. states, 4 U.S. territories and 13 foreign countries.
Over 600 Rough Riders departed for Cuba via Port Tampa on June 14, 1898 to fight as dismounted cavalry, leaving the rest of the regiment in Tampa for the duration of the war due to the critical shortage of ships to transport the invading force.
The Rough Riders sustained the highest casualty rate of any American unit in that war and became a living legend in their own time. Roosevelt belatedly was awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery on the field of battle.


2016 by 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (Rough Riders) Inc. of Tampa.


The above Inscription is a full description of this monument.    The reverse side of the monument is an 1898 Sketch Map of Tampa, Florida and Vicinity which illustrates the southwest path from that the Rough Riders took from this Encampment to the Port of Tampa where Rough Riders boarded ships bound for Cuba on June 14, 1898.

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