Public Events

Teddy Bear Runs

Every year, the Rough Riders collect, sort, and distribute thousands of Teddy Bears to hospital patients, cancer survivors and their families, centers for abused women and children, community health centers, special needs day care centers, and foster children. To learn how you can support the Rough Riders through the donation of "new-unused" Teddy Bears or to request a Teddy Bear Run please call (813) 248-1898 or email your request to TBR@1USV.ORG

Mission Statement

The 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - Rough Riders, Inc. was formed for the purpose of creating and perpetuating a living memorial to the unique accomplishment of President Theodore Roosevelt and the members of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment known as "The Rough Riders."

Community Involvement

Major Fundraisers

Nov.14th, 2020

Jan.9th, 2021

Joe Wiegand, the world's premiere Theodore Roosevelt reprisor addresses the Rough Rider's St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee the afternoon before the 2019 Rough Rider's St. Patricks Day Parade in Tampa Florida.  See more of Jow Wiegand at

Rough Rider Office - 813-248-1898 - 601 N 19th St . - Tampa, FL 33605  Email:
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