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Arrive at Port Tampa


4724 W. Prescott St., Tampa, FL 33616.    (This location is near the Spanish American War Memorial Park located in the Port Tampa neighborhood of Tampa.)


On the morning of June 9, 1898, the 1st U.S. Volunteer Calvary Regiment, "The Rough Riders", arrived in this vicinity via an empty coal train originally boarded near the Tampa Bay Hotel (approximately 7 miles to the northeast).   That morning, the docs at Port Tampa (1 mile to the west) were a hectic scene as 16,000 U.S. Army troops converged to embark on ships bound for Cuba during the Spanish-American War.   Due to overwhelming congestion, and because the train was an unscheduled arrival, it was stopped across the street from here and refused entry into Port Tampa.   Colonel Leonard Wood, Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, and a small contingent of 590 Rough Riders hurried to the port while the rest of the regiment off loaded equipment from the train.   Through bold initiate, Colonel Wood secured the S. S. Yucatan at the pier while Lieutenant Colonel Roosevelt sent word back for the regiment to gather equipment and march on foot to meet the ship.   In the end, about 66 percent of the regiment embarked for Cuba.


June 8, 2023


The coal train the Rough Riders used to travel from Tampa to  Port Tampa arrived to a hectic scene as over 10,000 regular Army troops were trying to board the limited number of ships available for the invasion of Cuba in the Spanish American War.  Lt. Colonel Roosevelt, Colonel Leonard Wood were able to persuade the Captain of the S.S. Yucatan to board 590 Rough Riders.  The Coal train was stopped one mile from Port Tampa, and the rest of the regiment off loaded to equipment and moved it the one mile from the train to the ship.   Due to the restricted room aboard the S.S Yucatan, only 66% of the Rough Riders embarked for Cuba.   

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